Best Siddha Ayurveda Hospital in coimbatore

TKN Siddha Ayurveda Vaidhyashala and Gurukulam, an eighty year old Siddha hospital in Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu started through the initiation by Late Sri.T.K. Narayana Sarma. Our founder Sri T.K Narayana Sarma was a well-trained personality in SIDDHA MEDICINE AND AYURVEDA TREATMENTS, who bequeathed the knowledge of Indian traditional medical science through his ancestral roots and his own practice at TKN Siddha Ayurveda Vaidhyashala in podanur, coimbatore since 1935.

Today, TKN SIDDHA HOSPITAL with its rich heritage in SIDDHA MEDICINE AND AYURVEDA MEDICINE, works towards the propagation of the same towards the public to lead high quality and disease free life physically and mentally. The organization offers health care solutions for a wide range of chronic ailments in an effective and affordable manner. All the Siddha medicine preparation and treatments were handpicked from the ancient Original Siddha literatures and few acquired from skilled persons in Siddha Medicine field like Siddha Doctor Mandayam Kumar. TKN Siddha Ayurveda Vaidhyashala is one among the very few organizations which blends the traditionally inherited knowledge with proven academic caliber.

As a social responsibility,TKN Siddha Ayurveda Vaidhyashala and Gurukulam also focuses on educating the upcoming generation with our core cultural values and creating awareness about the importance of following “SIDDHA MEDICINE” for hale and healthy lifestyle.


  • Longer consultation hours and honest in all professional interactions.
  • Affordable medicines and treatments with quality and care.
  • Holistic health care of Mind-Body-Soul approach.
  • Treating the PERSON rather than symptoms of diseases alone.
  • Frank in treatments and Confidential in patient information.
  • Integrative and functional medicines.
  • Well knowledged and experienced in Siddha Medicine preparation and treatments so,”No side Effects”.
  • Patient centric not of disease centric, in providing healthcare solutions.
  • Qualified doctors and served in Government Instituitions so, High quality health care.
  • Educating patients on Healthy lifestyle like proper Nutrition, Rest, Spirituaity, Sharing, Caring etc rather than recommending therapies.
  • Ultra focus on Wellness not on pills prescriptions.