Deepavali Legiyam (தீபாவளி லேகியம்) : Recipe, Preparation Method & Health Benefits.

தீபத்திருநாளாம் தீபாவளி  Deepavali the “festival of lights”

deepavali legiyam recipe in tamil online
Deepavali Legiyam

Deepavali in South India is celebrated in the month of Aippasi or thula month ‘naraka chaturdasi’ thithi, preceding amavasai or dark moon day. The reason for celebrating Deepavali is that great Asura Naraka a powerful evil king of Assam was conquered and killed by lord Krishna. The lord Krishna also freed thousands of inhabitants who were imprisoned by Naraka, to celebrate victory day with lights hence the name Deepavali which means “festival of lights”.

Deepavali highlights


Usual Deepavali rituals in olden days, were cleaning the home completely, especially the kitchen. The oven will be applied with cow dung and religious symbols and kolam or rangoli will be drawn using the rice powder mix. After the cleansing process is over in the kitchen, the utensil with water and herbs for the next day bath is placed in the oven.

Oil bath   எண்ணெய் குளியல்

Oil bath is the specialty of Deepavali , in South India it is usually called yennai kuliyal gingelly oil நல்லெண்ணெய் or medicated gingelly oil is applied head to toe and massaged. After cleansing the body with oil , Shikakai / Acacia concinna / சிகைக்காய்   or Arappu அரப்பு  / Oil cake tree leaves /Albizia amara is used to wash hair and Gram flour is used wash body.

Simple medicated oil recipe


Sesame oil or Ghee     நல்லெண்ணெய்           3 table spoon

Cumin seeds                சீரகம்                            1 table spoon

Pepper                          மிளகு                            10 – 15 corns.  

  • Take the oil in small frying pan and heat it in low flame.
  • When the oil has heated up put in the Cumin seeds.
  • Add the peppercorns and fry it for a while.

Use the above oil for applying all over when lukewarm.

Don’ts on an oil bath day


  • Avoid hard work.
  • Do not sleep in the day time.
  • Avoid air condition and other cold foods , as oil bath already induces a cooling effect to the body.


Deepavali marunthu or legiyam  / Inji legiyam  தீபாவளி மருந்து (அ) லேகியம்

Deepavali legiyam or Inji legiyam is prepared during the Deepavali occasion. This legiyam is prepared to enhance digestion of food consumed during this festival. Deepavali legiyam recipe is as follows:-


ஓமம்   Ajwain   25 gm
திப்பிலி   long pepper    20 gm
கண்டத்திப்பிலி   Long pepper root   20gm
அதிமதுரம்   licorice     10 gm
சுக்கு   Dry ginger   25gm
சித்தரத்தை   Thai ginger 10gm  
சிறுநாகப்பூ    Mesua ferrea 10 gm
பரங்கிப்பட்டை    Smilax glabra 10 gm
வாய்விளங்கம்   False black pepper 20gm
வால்மிளகு   Tailed pepper 10 gm
மிளகு     pepper 20 gm
பேரீச்சம்பழம்   Dates   100 gm
உலர்ந்த திராட்சை   Dry grapes 50 gm  
நெய் Ghee 300gm
கரும்பு சக்கரை    Jaggery ¾ Kg  

  1. Look through all the ingredients to remove impurities, and remove seeds from dates.
  2. Dry roast all the ingredients except dates and dry grape.
  3. Soak dry dates and raisins in lukewarm water.
  4. Grind all the ingredients mentioned above in a mixer including soaked raisin and dates.
  5. Take up a Kadai put it on a low flame and add some ghee, after sometime add in the ingredients and sauté for five minutes.
  6. Mix the ingredients regularly to avoid burning, cook in a low flame.
  7. In regular intervals add some ghee, so that it turns up in a semi solid and non sticky state.
  8. Serve the Legiyam with breakfast.


Have a safe and energetic Deepavali in a traditional way.