Siddha Treatment For Diabetes Mellitus (All types) & Natural ways to cure it.

New remedies of holistic and natural approach are still in great demand for treating diabetes because of the limited efficacy and undesirable side-effects of current drugs.

Siddha System of Medicine addresses diabetes using a multi-pronged appsiddha medicine for type 1 diabetesroach. The treatment of any disease including diabetes, aims at restoring the balance of humors (Uyir thaathukkal உயிர் தாதுக்கள் ) and the normal function of bodily constituents (Udal thaathukkal உடல் தாதுக்கள்).

Different line of treatments has to be given, based on the individuals constitution of doshas or humors and thaathus.

  1. உயிர் தாதுக்கள்(Bodily humors): 1)வாதம் 2) பித்தம் 3) கபம்
  2. உடல் தாதுக்கள்(Bodily constituents): 1)சாரம் – (இரசம்) 2)செந்நீர் (இரத்தம்) 3)ஊன் (மாமிசம்) 4)கொழுப்பு 5)எலும்பு 6)மூளை 7)வெண்ணீர் (விந்து,சுரோணிதம்).

In the diagnostic approaches the impaired dosha is identified. To balance the doshas in the order of 1/4:1/2:1, a preliminary detoxification program is advocated. The detoxification therapy is based on the predominance of the impaired dosha.siddha medicine for type 2 diabetes

“விரேசனத்தால் வாதம் தாழும்

வாமனத்தால் பித்தம் தாழும்

நசிய அஞ்சனத்தால் கபம் தாழும் தானே” .

It means Vaatham is balanced by purgation, Pitham is balanced by emesis and Kabam is balanced by Nasal Insufflations with liquids and by applying medicine in the eye.

According to Siddha medical system, diabetes is a result of malfunctioning of 4 major organs namely pancreas, liver, spleen and kidney. So a preliminary run of bio-purification process before advocating medicines helps the primary organs to eliminate the toxic substances clogged in them. Also this therapy benefits people who are overweight to get rid of their fat.

The drastic disease diabetes can be controlled by giving comprehensive attention to 3 aspects They are

1) Diet

2) Exercise

3) medicine

The role of Diet & Exercise are equally or even more important in diabetes to control blood sugar level as well as to prevent complications of this disease .

Diet &Lifestyle:

Siddha system of medicine believes in the philosophy of “உணவே மருந்து மருந்தே உணவு” “Unavae marunthu marunthae unavu” means “Food is medicine, medicine is food “. So priority is given to the life style rectification, which starts with understanding patient’s lifestyle and habits. After analyzing the patient’s routine lifestyle if there are any errors in diet patterns, changes are recommended.


More often than not , there is a wide belief that heavy exercise can prevent diabetes, which is not true. As said above moderation in anything is the key. So exercise done to the point of discomfort tends to be counterproductive. Follow a pattern of physical exercise which gives positive influence on mind, heart, senses and spirit.

Simple energy enhancing breathing exercises are best, provided the patient doesn’t have any low or high bp and respiratory troubles.

Siddha Medicines in Treating Diabetes:

Both the internal and external type of siddha medicines are employed in treating diabetes.

The external siddha medicines like medicated oils (மூலிகை எண்ணெய்) are administered for diabeteic complexities like diabetic neuropathy and diabetic foot ulcers.

Internal siddha medicines like Higher order chendoorams (செந்தூரம்) , Karpam (கற்பம்) , Mezhugu (மெழுகு) and parpams are advised for effective control and cure of diabetes. Chooranams (சூரணம்), kudineer (மூலிகை குடிநீர்) and herbal decoctions (saaru மூலிகை சாறு) are also recommended based on the stage of the diabetes.

The non-insulin type can be very effectively controlled & sugar level can be brought to reduced level by the above treatment. It can be maintained at normal level by the continuous use of our Siddha medicines. Classical medication as well as our special medicines is safe in the management because these medicines will not lead to hypoglycemic episodes or other complications.

Unlike allopathic drugs used for treating diabetes, siddha medicines are not streoidal and addictive in nature.

Siddha Herbs used to treat Diabetes:

  • பொன் ஆவரசு cassia auriculata
  • நாவல் Eugenia jambolana -Syzygium cumini
  • வெந்தயம்- Trigonella foenum graecum-Fenugreek
  • அத்தி – Ficus bengalensis
  • கறிமஞ்சள்- curcuma longa – turmeric
  • சிறுகுறிஞ்சான் Gymnema sylvestre
  • சீந்தில்-Tinospora cordifolia- guduchi
  • கொவ்வை அல்லது கோவை Citrullus colocynthis

Some household recipes for diabetes:

  1. flowers of plantain in curry form should be taken.
  2. Dal prepared with Horse gram.
  3. seeds of black plum (jamun) to be taken after lunch along with buttermilk and snake gourd.
  4. ginger juices can be taken along with lunch and dinner.
  5. Extracted juice of Amalaki(Indian gooseberries) mixed with Haridra (turmeric) powder and honey can be taken.
  6. Extracted juice of Guduchi(Tinospora Cordifolia) mixed with extracted juice of Amalaki fruit and honey can be taken.
  7. Triphala churna with warm water can be taken.
  8. Juice of fistful of curry leaves on empty stomach in the morning is good in diabetes.
  9. 1 teaspoon of Methi seeds powder early morning on the empty stomach is good.
  10. Eating 1-10 leaves of Punarnava (Booerrhavia diffusa) early morning will reduce blood sugar.


Tips for Diabetes: