Siddha Medicine For Male Infertility – Causes, Treatment & Cure with Success.

Siddha Medicine for infertility in Male:

Infertility, a disorder which was previously considered a women’s only problem due to ignorance, rather both men and women share equivalent share in it.tamil siddha medicine for male infertility aanmai kuraivu

Infertility in men is considered by individual usually as a disgrace to their masculinity due to lack of knowledge. Many do not understand that infertile conditions can be temporary disorder which can be cured by various treatments prevailing. Simple lifestyle changes in food and other habits can easily tackle infertility.

In siddha Medicine, infertility in male is called as ஆண் மலடு Aan maladu, வீரியமந்தம் veeriyamantham, ஆண்மை குறைபாடு Anmai kuraipadu.

Causes of Male Infertility.

The causes of infertility in men can be classified as follows

  • Sperm production issues.
  • Structural problems.(tubal defects)
  • Sexual problems
  • Hormonal problems
  • Due to certain medicines.

Sperm production issues:

Siddhar yugimuni in his medical literature “yugimuni sigichaa saaram” has described the male infertility due to problems in seminal fluid (விந்து).

பார்க்கவே ஆண்மகனின் விந்துதானும்

பதமான தித்திப்பு இல்லாததாலும்

ஏற்கவே சலமீதில் மிதப்பதாலும்

ஏலிலா ஊறு பற்றி இருப்பதாலும்

காகவே ஓர்திரத்தில்  நுரை தான் போலும்

இயலான கருவதுவும் தரிக்க மாட்டா

தீர்கவே யூகிமுனி சிகிச்சா சாரம்

தெளிவாக பாடிவைத்தார் திறமாய் தானே !!


Explanation: Factors of sperm problems

  • Due to presence of dead sperms.
  • Poor quality of semen.
  • Semen with low sperm motility.
  • Semen with less specific gravity.


Hormonal problems

A hypothalamic or pituitary disorder (1-2%). Improper functioning of pituitary gland which widely controls other glands and hormone secretion including sex hormones.

Gonad disorder (30-40%). Male disorders like hypogonadism i.e. low testosterone production.


Structural problems.(tubal defects)

Sperm transport disorders (10-20%) which are as below.

  1. Asthenospermia is the condition of reduced sperm motility.
  1. Azoospermia is the medical condition of a man not having any measurable level of sperm in his semen.
  2. Oligospermia refers to semen with a low concentration of sperm and is a common finding in male infertility.
  3. Teratospermia is a condition characterized by the presence of sperm with abnormal morphology that affects fertility in males.
  4. Necrospermia is a condition in which sperms in semen are either dead or immobile sperms.

Testicular problems like Varicocele also causes infertility in men.


Due to certain medications & steroids.

Anabolic steroids which is often used to build muscle, impairs quality production of semen, as a result of it, low sperm motility and count.


Siddha Treatment for Male Infertility.

In Indian system of medicine that is the Siddha , Ayurveda and Unani  medical system aanmai kuraivu siddha maruthuvam in tamilincludes many information to treat infertility. One should also understand the wide literature we hold in this field, Kamasutra ancient text about sex was presented to the world by ancient Indian authors. Apart various Sanskrit texts there are also literatures in Tamil like Kokkogam written by Pandian king Athi veera rama pandian . This stream in Indian medicine was of priority in those days as noble humans and royal families should not go childless, in order to inherit their knowledge and kingdom to their own offspring. Many would have read from various websites, blogs and books that Indian system of medicine handles diseases in a holistic approach. We take this opportunity to give you a gist of the same, Indian system of medicine makes sure that all prerequisites of sex stimulation’s are satisfied i.e. starting with external beautification (making you beautiful) , next the internal stamina and liking stimulus factors are looked into.

Few herbs used in Indian medicine more than centuries for infertility are:-

  • Safed musli Chlorophytum Borivilianum  தண்ணீர்விட்டான் கிழங்கு.
  • Withania somnifera அமுக்குரா கிழங்கு.
  • Asparagus Racemosus சதாவரி.
  • Hygrophila spinosa நீர்முள்ளி விதை.
  • Fig fruits அத்திப் பழம்.
  • Cucumber and pumpkin seeds, வெள்ளரி விதை, பாதாம் பருப்பு, சாரைப் பருப்பு, பூசணி விதை, அக்ரோட் பருப்பு.
  • Semicarpus Anacardium தேற்றான்கொட்டை.
  • Seeds of moringa முருங்கை.
  • Mucuna pruriens பூனைக்காலி விதை.
  • Capparis zeylanica பூமி சர்க்கரை கிழங்கு.
  • Curculigo orchioides நிலப்பனைக்கிழங்கு .
  • Ionidium suffruticosum ஓரிதழ் தாமரை.

All above mentioned herbs hold scientific validation.