Piles(Hemorrhoids) – Causes,Symptoms and Cure in Siddha Medicine.

Tamil Siddha Medicine for Piles(hemorrhoids).

Siddha Medicine for Piles and its treatments are plenty in Tamil Siddha Maruthuvam. The siddha system of Medicine offers various simple remedies to piles problem, from prevention to examination to therapy. Piles(hemorrhoids) is one such disease, where Siddhars have extensively researched on their causes, symptoms and treatment from prevention to curing, both from the physiological and psychological point of view and has provided solutions in both ways.

In siddha system of medicine, piles is called by many names such as,
“Moola noi மூல நோய், Arippu noi அரிப்பு நோய், Adimulai noi அடிமுளை நோய், Mulai Noi முளை நோய்

What is piles and its types in Siddha Medicine System?

Piles(hemorrhoids) is one of the common ailments among adults. Technically hemorrhoid is considered an embarrassing health issue by many. It’s nothing but swelling and inflammation of veins in fleshy pads of anal canal, associated with symptoms like itching, constipation, burning sensation and bleeding depending upon the type and degree of problem.

There are 21 types of piles diseases in Siddha Medicine System. Based on the region of occurrence, generally they are classified as Internal and External piles.

Internal Piles

Siddha Medicine for piles moolam maruthuvam in tamil
Siddha Medicine and Treatment for Piles

Internal piles cannot be felt, but based on the stage of disease piles might protrude out of anus. Mostly they are painless. They may bleed at times and discharge pus etc during bowel movements accompanied by pain.

External Piles

External piles can be felt on the area around anus, which appears to be swollen and painful.

Reasons for piles according to Tamil siddha Medicine :

Siddhar Theraiyar and Siddhar Yugimuni, who belong to siddhar agasthiyar school of thoughts, has extensively researched and postulated the causes and remedy for Moola Noi i.e. piles (Hemorrhoids) . Siddhar Theraiyar, in his work “THERAIYAR VAITHIYA SARAM” has classified 21 types of piles in Siddha medicine,  and Siddhar Yugi muni has classified 10 types of piles in his medical work “YUGIMUNI VAITHIYA SINTHAMANI”.

Following are the lines from the medical work “VAITHIYA SINTHAMANI” of Siddhar Yugi Muni, which describes the reason for the causes for piles in Siddha Medicine.

causes of piles in siddha medicine moolam siddha maruthuvam in tamil piles varuvatharku karanam
Causes of piles.

தத்தையா அதிகமாங் குளிரி நாலும்
 தரியாத தவழ்ச்சியாற் கிரந்தி யாலும்
புத்தையாம் பொருந்தாத உஷ்ணத் தாலும்
புணர்ச்சியாய் கோபத்தாற் சலிப்பி நாலும்

 கத்தையாம் வெகுகாமம் வேண்ட லாலும்
கடினமா முப்பாலுங் காரத் தாலும்
மொத்தையாம் வெகுதனங்கள் போன தாலும்
மூலம்வந்து உற்பத்தி முனையுந் தானே.
-யூகி முனி வைத்திய சிந்தாமணி.

Explanation: Factors that causes Piles in Siddha.

  1. Living in a very cold environment for long period.
  2. Due to overheat in the body i.e. pitta humor being vitiated.
  3. Chronic diarrhea.
  4. Being short tempered which gives physiological effects and leading a sedentary lifestyle which gives too much pressure to anus region.
  5. Too much indulgence in sex.
  6. Taking too much hot and spicy food frequently, that irritates the intestines.


Also, Siddhar Thirumoolar, in his medical work “THIRUMOOLAR KARUKIDAI VAITHIYAM-600”, describes the causes for piles as,
siddha medicine for piles moolam nattu vaithiyam piles tamil marunthu
piles problem

காயத்தில் மூலங் கண்ட விதங்கேளு
பாயொத்த தீபனம் பரிந்தே அடக்கினும்
மாயை மயக்க மலத்தை அடக்கினும்
ஓயுற்ற குண்டலினுக்குட் புகும் வாயுவே.

வாயு புகுந்து மலத்தோ டபானத்தை
தேயுவைக் கூட்டித்திரட்டிச் சுருக்கிடும்
தோயு மலம்வரின் சுருக்கி முனனே
நின்றேயு முளைபோல பானனி ருக்குமே.
-திருமூலர் கருக்கிடை வைத்தியம்.

Explanation: Reasons for Piles in Siddha.

  1. Controlling hunger(suppressing appetite)and taking food in untimely hours.
  2. Suppressing the urge to defecate, which leads to constipation and in extreme cases colon problems like piles,diverticulitis etc.
  3. Leading sedentary lifestyle which gives abnormal pressure to the anus region also causes piles.


In short the causes for piles in Siddha Medicine System can be summarized as

  • constipation
  • poor bath room habits
  • chronic diarrhea
  • postponing bowel movements
  • Substance abuse like alcohol, smoking etc.
  • any lifestyle(sedentary, frequent traveling) which gives too much pressure to anus region
  • a poor fiber diet which in turn leads to constipation.

Siddha Treatment Methods for Piles:

The siddha medicine for piles and its treatments are myriad, which ranges from prevention to curing the current one. Mostly siddha system of medicine  emphasis on preventive methods, Siddha maruthuvam tips for piles patti vaithiyam for moolamwhich is to follow a healthy lifestyle habits.


   “உணவே மருந்து – மருந்தே உணவு”

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

holds good as a best preventive method for piles.

Based on the severity of the disease, the physician employs any of the following method for the treatment of piles,

Internal siddha medicines like

  • Laxatives, to bring vali humour(vaatham) to correct proportion.

External siddha medicines like

  • Ointment.
  • Fumigation.
  • Sitz bath with herbal medicine.sitz bath to cure fissure in anal

The medicines used are either pure herbal or herbo-mineral mix or pure mineral oriented, which is 100% safe and free from any side effects. (which have been in clinical usage for many years .)

Herbs that heal piles are Terminalia chebula ,Terminalia bellerica, Aloe vera, Tinnenvelly senna, an excellent laxative and Abutilon indicum.

 Tips to prevent piles in Siddha Medicine:

fiber heals piles hemorrhoids
Fiber heals piles


Including fibers, especially insoluble fibers in diet per day will make stools soften. insoluble fibers absorbs water inside the colon and gives bulking of the passage without much effort to defaecate.


Taking oil bath on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday for men,  will cool down the body and rectifies imbalances of tridoshas vatha, pitha and kapha. Also a proper oil bath gives relaxation mentally and reduces stress.


a balanced diet cures piles in siddha medicine
Balanced diet for piles free life

As obesity is a risk factor for piles formation, try to avoid high fat content foods and Refined foods in all form. Reassess your diet for inclusion of fibers in the form of whole grains, pulses such as peas, lentils, green grams etc. Also take caffeine and alcohol in moderation.


Restrain from straining and putting pressure on anal pad veins. Do not postpone the nature’s urge and go when needed.


Cleaning the bowels for every four months by taking purgation medicine or laxatives is a healthy habit. Exercise care while using purgatives or laxatives, as use higher dosage or unsafe one for longer period can again take you back to hemorrhoids formation.siddha tips to avoid piles by squatting


Humans are designed to squat to defaecate, not to sit. In the squatting position, gravity does most of the work. The weight of the torso presses against the thighs and naturally compresses the colon. Gentle pressure from the diaphragm supplements the force of gravity.

Sitting to evacuate your bowel requires you to apply additional force (straining), which has some unwanted biological effects, including a temporary disruption in cardiac flow. So, avoid sitting to evacuate bowels, instead squat.

siddha yogasana prevents piles


Yoga is a wholeness exercise that can heal both the mind and the body. practicing yoga asanas greatly reduces stress and constipation, resulting in healthy digestive system. Few asanas like  Matsyna Asana, Mala Asana, Sarvangasana etc helps to prevent piles and its associated problems.