Is Siddha Medicine safe? Effective? Any Side-Effects?

  1. Are there any side effects on the intake of Siddha Medicine?

Among the public often there are doubts like,

safe effective siddha medicines

Is siddha medicine good for health? Is siddha medicine safe?

The answer is “Siddha medicines are totally safe and does not have any side effects when prepared and administered properly by either well-knowledged or qualified siddha practitioners”. The reason for saying safe in an assertive manner is the raw materials of siddha medicine, like herbs, minerals, and salts are obtained from nature and they are converted to a form which is easily assimilated by our human body in proper proportions. The method of preparations are highly structured because of that it consumes more time to prepare them. But once prepared in proper way and administered to patients apart from curing, there are certain cases where the recurrences of the diseases are also prevented.

When compared to many other medicines available in today’s world Siddha medicine is nature’s gift for our well-being. Because most of the medicines are prepared out of herbs and its extracts so its natural forces healing you imparted from our ethnic science.


  1. Is siddha medicine effective?

Siddha medicines are totally effective for all kinds of diseases to ailments if used properly. The reasons for the effectiveness of siddha medicine system over others are as follows,

  • One of the core benefits of siddha medicine and what makes it stand apart from other medicine is that it takes into account bioindividuality and a patient’s entire body-mind-spirit connection. Rather than treating symptoms with drugs and ignoring the underlying problems, Siddha medicine aims to look at the root of disease and how it’s related to a person’s thoughts, beliefs and lifestyle — in other words, a person’s “vital energy.”
  • Siddha system of medicine is a lifestyle more than a branch of science. Healthy living, appropriate eating, adequate sleep, proper exercises are pillars of it. In fact it helps in healing rather than prescription drugs, complicated surgeries or suffering through painful conditions.
  • Siddha system of medicine is time tested. They have been proved over many live-case studies since long.
  • Unlike other medicines which has harmful effects like addictiveness and the potential for physical harm and histological problems like damaging kidney and liver, siddha medicines doesn’t have that kind of problems when prepared and administered correctly.
  • In the age of increasing drug resistant issues, the medicines employed in the siddha system does not produce super bugs or antimicrobial resistance, as the siddha medicines use herbs which have complex mechanism for a bacteria to resist to it.


  1. Why to go for Siddha Medicine, as there are allopathic medicines already available for many diseases?

Allopathic medicines and its developments are really necessary in today’s fast moving lifestyle. In case of English medicines majority of them focus on curing the particular problem or disease Whereas our ethnic medicine like Siddha and Ayurveda provide permanent solutions for overall well-being apart from curing the main disease. Since human body can heal itself over a period of time, any side effects from English medicines are subsided by body’s immune system which is not known to many. But in long run it turns out to be big unknown, unreported complications which are not possible by siddha medicines. So keeping that perspective in mind for small diseases and in unavoidable situations taking English medicines are fine but for long run you are warned.

Siddha medicines are completely harmless and free of complications. So far there were not any complications reported but only in case of uncontrolled diet some medicines fail.

Chronic ailments e.g. Siddha medicine can heal Diabetic retinopathy by bringing back the kidneys to work as in normal person, but Allopathic system recommend a transplant. Unlike Allopathic medicine Siddha medicine handles the ailments by curing from origin of the sickness so chance of re-occurrence is very less. Allopathic medicine distinguishes human body into several parts and handles only in that level, while ethnic medical system approaches human body as a whole contingent a higher school of thought. Moreover Siddha medicines toxicity level is very negligible when compared to modern medicine ending up with unpredictable side-effects.


  1. Is it true that Siddha medicine uses metals and minerals in medicine preparation?

The answer is “YES”, Siddha medicine uses metals & minerals in medicine preparation. But one should also understand the metals and minerals used are not given as it’s acquired. The eccentric factor Siddha medicine possess are its knowledge on its usage, each and every metal and mineral used undergoes killing process. Every metal and mineral used for medicine preparation has to undergo various cleansing process for toxicity and adulteration removal. This might raise a doubt amongst us whether our ancient knowledge is superior to modern science? The answer can be justified with the following example many may not know that Indians were the first to smelt Zinc by distillation process as early as 6th century B.C. Historical evidence prove that China exported Zinc in the name “tutenag” to Europe, the name itself proves its origin to South India especially Tamil Nadu as Zinc is “துத்த நாகம்” or “tutenag” in Tamil. Moreover design followed for Zinc extraction process in those days is similar to distillation process involved in Siddha medical system. 


Reason for metal content in herbal preparation

The reason for unusual metal content is caused due to result of adulteration. The key reason was found to be usage of adulterated herbs in medicine preparation. In this scenario adulterated herb means using the wrong herb due to lack of knowledge while procuring and trading, because identifying the herbs in dry state is a Himalayan task without technical instruments and knowledge.

For example Plumbago rosea an herb used for the herbal remedies said to contain heavy metals like lead and mercury naturally to a tolerable limit. These herbs are used in medicines only after proper purification of toxins or Shuddhi, in Siddha medicine before usage. When these herbs are adulterated with others herbs intentionally or unintentionally the medicines prepared out of it tend to posses lead content. Some of the traders of herbs with minimal knowledge tend to change the herbs.


Preparation by quack

As weed among the wheat, quack do exist in this field. The formulations of Siddha and Ayurveda are all ancient texts and treatise. The medicine preparation in both the systems demands intensive training and wide knowledge in the field of botany, chemistry and metallurgy. When such medicines are prepared with minimal knowledge it leads to fatal effects.

Thus, consumers must take responsibility when seeking siddha therapies. It is imperative to check all practitioners’ credentials, training, and experience.


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