Sundaranandar Siddhar- Life History, Books, Jeeva Samadhi-Temple.

Sundaranandar Siddhar (சித்தர் சுந்தரானந்தர்)

Sundaranandar siddhar life history
Image of Sundaranandar SIddhar
  • Sundaranandar  Siddhar is one of the celebrated Siddhar among the 18 Siddhas.
  • He is the one behind the popularity of Sathuragiri hills in the Western Tamil nadu.
  • He also disciplined under Siddhar Agathiyar and got a Shiva linga from him, which he installed in Sathuragiri hill as “Sundara Mahalingam” and worshiped it for long.
  • He was born to navaganda rishi, who lived in Kishkinta hill region.
  • Sattaimuni siddhar is also his preceptor and he learnt Siddha medicine, Siddha yoga, Siddha gnana, astrology from him.
  • He along with his guru Sri Sattaimuni Siddhar lived in Sathuragiri hills for some time and compiled his works on Siddha medicine and astrology.
  • Exploiting his deftness in the field of astrology, he has given appropriate general predictions on the day of birth, day of attaining puberty etc.
  • In his another work, he has depicted auspicious days for cultivating mango, coconut, banana, sugarcane, lentils etc. for the maximum yield.
  • Manaiyadi Saasthiram put forward by him gives appropriate ways to construct house to lead a hale and hearty life.
  • His works on poison treatment and preparation of universal salt muppu are valuable to Siddha medicine system.
  • Siddhar Bogar in his work Bogar 7000 says, Siddhar Sundaranandar is an expert in space travel and deep meditation i.e… samathi yoga.
  • Sri Sundaranandar had two disciples Sri Paramanadar and vaalai Siddhar.
  • He attained samathi in Madurai.

Sundaranandar Siddhar Works/Books on Siddha Medicine:

  • சுந்தரானந்தர் காவியம் Sundaranandar kaaviyam
  • சுந்தரானந்தர் விஷ நிவாரணி Sundaranandar vishanivaarani
  • சுந்தரானந்தர் வாக்கிய சூத்திரம் Sundaranandar vaakiyasoothiram
  • சுந்தரானந்தர் வைத்திய திரட்டு Sundaranandar vaithiyathirattu
  • சுந்தரானந்தர் கேசரி Sundaranandar kesari
  • சுந்தரானந்தர் சித்த ஞானம் Sundaranandar siddhagnanam
  • சுந்தரானந்தர் தீட்சாவிதி Sundaranandar theetchavithi
  • சுந்தரானந்தர் பூசாவிதி Sundaranandar pooja vithi
  • சுந்தரானந்தர் அதிசயகாரணம் Sundaranandar athisaya kaaranam
  • சுந்தரானந்தர் சிவயோக ஞானம் Sundaranandar sivayoga gnanam
  • சுந்தரானந்தர் முப்பு Sundaranandar muppu
  • சுந்தரானந்தர் தண்டகம் Sundaranandar thandagam