Thiruvalluvar Siddhar – Life History, Siddha Medicine Books

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காடுதான் கரு கண்ட மகத்துகள்

வீடு வீடுவீடென்றால் உனக்குள்ளே

நாடு நாடெல்லாம் நாடித் திரிவதோ.

-ஞான வெட்டியான் 1500.


When the enlightened says that path to attainment of abode is in the woods, it is not to search in the jungles, but to search the jungles inside us.

Thiruvalluvar siddhar.

Everyone knows thiruvalluvar as a celebrated philosopher, poet etc… but not as a siddhar. The truth thiruvalluvar is one among the siddhars of south India who learned siddha system of medicine under the tutelage of siddhar agathiyar.

from the following verse of thiruvalluvar gnana vettiyan 1500, it is evident that thiruvalluvar is the student of siddhar agathiyar.

ஆதியாய் விளங்கும் ஞான வெட்டியா யிரத்தைநூறும்

நீதியாம் நிகழ்த்த வாலை நிர்மலத் தாளைப் போற்றிச்

சோதியா நந்த ரூபன் சுய குறுமுனியின்* பாதம்

வேதியன் மொழிய ஞான மெய்குரு விளங்கத்தானே.

  • ஞான வெட்டியான் 1500


Thiruvalluvar is famous for his work  Thirukkural, which is considered as a sacred book and a master piece of Tamil literature.

one can find the highest and purest expressions of human thought on ethical, material, love, medicine and salvation aspects of life, etc. one can also say that the thirukkural is a secular poetry for its non-alignment with any religion and language.

Even in thirukkural, thiruvalluvar has explained about the basic principles of siddha medicine in the Athikaram marunthu.

Apart from authoring thirukkural, Siddhar Thiruvalluvar has authored so many books on siddha medicine as follows.

Thiruvalluvar’s Work or Books on Siddha Medicine.

  • Ø Thiruvalluvar Agaval திருவள்ளுவர் அகவல்

Deals with yoga.

  • Ø Gnanavettiyan 41 ஞானவெட்டியான் 41

Preparation of medicine and their uses.

  • Ø Thiruvalluvar Gnana Vetti திருவள்ளுவர் ஞானவெட்டியான் 1500

It describes the various types of salts, descriptions of 96 types of kapha diseases and medicine for those diseases; varieties of fevers and medicine for fevers, ascites and medicines for its treatment; flatulence of the abdomen and medicines for its relief, leprosy and medicines to cure the diseases; preparation of medicines by mercury and other preparations of medicines with metals.

  • Ø Navarathna churukkam 300 நவரத்ன சுருக்கம் 300
  • Ø Pancharathnam 500 பஞ்சரத்னம் 500
  • Ø Thiruvalluvar nayanar karpam 300 திருவள்ளுவர் நாயனார் கற்பம் 300

Signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

Vasi or breathing exercise for prolonging the life time.

Preparation of siddha medicines.

Preparation of vaithiya muppu. Etc

  • Ø Nathantha saaram நாதாந்த சாரம்

Pranayama or otherwise simply it is called as breathing exercise i.e breathing in a particular way through nostril while mentally repeating the name of god, one of eight qualities and observances of a yogi or a person for prolonging life time.

  • Ø Gurunool 50 குருநூல் 50

It deals with the preparation of kaya kalpha medicines and method of taking (eating) medicines and also diseases cured by kaya kalpha medicines. Alchemy is also described.

  • Ø Muppu soothiram 30 முப்பு சூத்திரம் 30

Preparation of muppu and uses of muppu.

  • Ø Vatha soothiram 16 வாத சூத்திரம் 16

About alchemy

  • Ø Muppu guru 16 முப்பு குரு 16

About muppu

  • Ø Vaithiya soothiram 100 (வைத்திய சூத்திரம் 100 ) for navarathina chinthamani 800 (நவரத்ன சிந்தாமணி 800)