Siddha Medicine For Anal Fissure, Fistula in Ano & all Rectal Disorders.

Siddha Medicine for Fistula and Fissure in anus.

Many suffer from common digestive disorders caused by abnormalities in the digestive organs.fistula in ano and anal fissure treatments in siddhaedicine These are called structural disorders. The most common structural disorders are hemorrhoids, fissures, perennial abscesses, diverticular disease, Fistula-in-Ano and colon cancers.

In Siddha Medicine, Fissures and Fistula in ano are colloquially called ஆசன வாய் வெடிப்பு[Aasana vaai vedippu], பவுத்ரம்/பெளத்திரம்[Pouthiram] etc. comes under the topic of Moolanoigal [மூலநோய்கள் ].  Moolam [மூலம்] means rectal area.

Types of Rectal problems (Moola Noigal-மூலநோய்கள்) in Siddha Medicine:

Modern medicine system has found that rectal disorders include hemorrhoids, anal fissures, perennial abscesses, colon polyps, anal fistula, rectal prolapse, rectal bleeding, rectal ulcer and cancer etc.

In Siddha Medicine, Siddhar Yugi muni has systematically classified rectal disorders into 21 types based on the following factors

  • Region of occurrence.

  • Derangement of particular dosha (vata-pitta-kapha).

  • Clinical symptoms.

21 Types of Piles in siddha Medicine:

  1. நீர் மூலம்
  2. செண்டு மூலம்
  3. முளை மூலம்
  4. சிற்று மூலம்
  5. வரள் மூலம்
  6. இரத்த மூலம்
  7. சீழ் மூலம்
  8. ஆழி மூலம்
  9. தமரக மூலம்
  10. வாத மூலம்
  11. பித்த மூலம்
  12. சிலேத்தும மூலம்
  13. தொந்த மூலம்
  14. விளை மூலம்
  15. மேக மூலம்
  16. பவுத்திர மூலம்
  17. கிரந்தி மூலம்
  18. குத மூலம்
  19. புற மூலம்
  20. சுருக்கு மூலம்
  21. சவ்வு மூலம்



Common Symptoms of Rectal Disorders in Siddha Medicine.

மூலம் எழுந்திடில் முன்னே பசிபோகும்

மூலம் எழுந்திடில் முனைவிந்து நாசமாம்

மூலம் எழுந்திடில் முழங்கும் இரைச்சல்தான்

மூலம் எழுந்திடில் முகியாக் கழிச்சலே

Siddhar Thirumoolar in his medical Literature “Karikidai vaithiyam 600” has described the common clinical symptoms of moolam as

  • Loss of appetite.

  • Deterioration of seven bodily constituents leading to destruction of semen.

  • Abdominal sounds like gurgling, rumbling, growling etc.

  • Repeated episodes of loose motions.

Fistula in Siddha Medicine:

When an infection occurs in the tiny glands that open on the inside of the anus, pus develops and an abscess forms. Treatment includes draining the abscess. This is best done under general anesthesia. If the abscess is not drained properly, it may result in an anal fistula. This is an abnormal tube-like passageway from the anal canal to a hole in the skin near the anus. Chronic fistulas can exude blood and pus.

In Siddha Medicine, Fistula can be correlated to the symptoms of பவுத்திர மூலம்.

பவுத்திர மூலம் [Pavuthira Moolam]

மூர்க்கமாய்ப் பவுத்திரத்திற் கட்டி யாகி
மூத்திரந் தானடிக்கடிக்கு அருவ லாகும்
கார்த்தமாங் கால்கையுங் கனப்பு மாகும்
கனகனக்குங் குதங்குய்யஞ் சாவற் சூடு
பூர்க்கமாம் பூப்போல முளைகள் காணும்
பொருங்கோ வைப்பழம் போலச் சிவப்பு மாகும்
பார்க்கமாங் காரந்தான் போடத் தீரும்
பவுத்திரமா மூலத்தின் பண்பு தானே.


  • Painless benign lump may form in the anus region.

  • Urine output may decrease due to complications.

  • Swollen inflamed sores near the anus.

  • Redness or swelling around the fistula area.

Anal Fissures in Siddha Medicine:

Anal fissure is a condition in which there is a fine tear in the area due to repeated trauma to the area with the hard stool. This causes a severe pain that can remain for hours with the individual dreading to attempt passing stool. There is very little bleeding and the affected area seems to heal itself only to be injured while passing stool again.

In Siddha Medicine, Anal Fissure can be closely related to clinical features of சீழ்மூலம்.

சீழ்மூலம் [Seezh Moolam].moola noigal in siddha system

நண்பாகக் குதங்கடுத்து எரிப்பு தோன்றும்
நாற்றியே சீயொடு தண்ணீர் காணும்
மண்பாக மாமிசங்கள் கரைந்து கொண்டு
வடிவமெல்லாம் வெளுத்துமே மஞ்சளாகும்
மெண்பாக மேவும்வாய் நீர தாகும்
மிடுக்கான நடைகுறைப்பு மெலிவு மாகும்
திண்பாகச் சிறுநீர்தான் மஞ்ச ளிக்கும்
சீழ்முலந் தன்னுடைய சேதி யாமே.


  • Inflammation in the anus region because of localized infections, or minor injuries to the area.

  • Rectal pain or discomfort in the lower portion of the gastrointestinal tract.

  • Pus and bleeding from the rectum,

  • Anal muscles may tear or crack.

  • Hard to walk and sit with anal pain.

Siddha Treatment for Fistula and anal Fissures:

Siddha the mother of all healing systems is rising up-to almost every demand of a patient where conventional allopathic system badly fails. This is recognized by many countries and included Siddha in their National Health Programmes.

The siddha medicine for ano rectal diseases and its treatments are myriad, which ranges from prevention to curing the current one. Mostly siddha system of medicine emphasis on preventive methods, which is to follow a healthy lifestyle habits.

“The dose makes the poison.

so, when food is taken in moderation food is medicine, when in excess generates diseases.

உணவே மருந்து உணவே நோய்

Let food be thy medicine when moderate and disease when excess.”

holds good as a best preventive method for piles.

Mostly non invasive treatments are followed in Siddha System in curing ano rectal disorders like fistula, anal fissures etc without the need for corrective surgery. Even though their are surgical solutions in siddha system, it is considered inferior way of treating as it can only give symptomatic relief for now and doesn’t eliminate the underlying root causes.

For most early cases, home treatment is followed. This includes slowly adding fiber to meals, drinking more water, and using siddha herbal ointments for a limited time to stop itching. Laxatives, to bring vali humour(vaatham) to correct proportion

If severe, the physician employs any of the following method for the treatment,

Internal medication like

  • Parpams [பற்பம்]

  • Chendoorams [செந்தூரம்]

  • Chooranam [சூரணம்]sitz bath to cure fissure in anal

External medications like

  • Ointment

  • Fumigation [புகை ]

  • Sitz bath with herbal medicine

The medicines used are either pure herbal or herbo-mineral mix or pure mineral oriented, which is 100% safe and free from any side effects. (which have been in clinical usage for many years .)

Lifestyle modifications like balanced diet, maintaining personal hygiene, following good bathroom habits, de-stressing techniques like Pranayam, yoga etc are advised. These changes reflect on strengthening immune system of the body for speedy recovery.

Diet plays a very important role in the treatment . So, diet with high fiber is highly recommended. Rather than consuming energy dense foods, nutritional rich foods helps in speedy recovery.

Some fistulas close on their own after a few weeks to months. Depending on the situation, some may need to be administered higher order internal siddha medicines.

Herbs that heal piles are Terminalia chebula ,Terminalia bellerica, Aloe vera, Tinnenvelly senna, an excellent laxative and Abutilon indicum.