Nilavarai Choornam-Nilax 60 Tablets


Nilavarai Chooranam .

  • Natural Laxative.
  • Relieves Constipation.
  • Acts as colon cleanser i.e removes faecal impaction.
  • Helps in weight loss.
  • Effective in the treatment of anal lacerations and hemorrhoids மூல நோய் நிவாரணி.
  • Detoxifies body உடலில்ந உள்ள நச்சுக்களை வெளியேற்றும், உடல் சுத்தி .


Siddha Medicine: Nilax (Nilavarai Choornam)

Nilax, a 100% natural product, is made out of herbs like Tinninvelly Senna, Piper nigrum etc. Nilax serves as a detox agent by cleansing the large intestine and stomach.

Helps in recovery from constipation and acts as bowel cleanser and weight reducing agent.

  • This is a simple laxative agent which helps to increase bowel movements and excreting waste from the body.
  • The main ingredient of the drug is Senna alexandrina or Tinninvelly Senna leaves which has been aprroved by WHO as a laxative agent.
  • The efficacy of Tinninvely senna is greatly used by Siddha and Ayurveda system of medicine.
  • This particular herb is being largely exported to USA and Europe for its properties. The plant from South India has huge reputation worldwide.
  • Nilax helps to avoid constipation, piles, ambeosis and also acts as a colon cleanser and as a detoxification agent.
  • Modern science also has enough validations which supports the usage of combination of herbs for various disorders. Our product adopts similar methodology.

Side effects

           This product has been in clinical use for 30 years, no serious side effects have been reported till date when taken as recommended by physician.

Contents 100gms contain:

Senna leavesSenna alexandrina10 gm
PepperPiper nigrum10 gm
AjowanTracyspermum ammi10 gm
Dry GingerZingibe rofficinale roscoe10 gm
Indian gooseberryPhyllanthus embelica10 gm
Sugarsugar50 gm

Indication: Constipation, obesity, purgative, Colon cleanser, infertility, amoebiasis, piles.

Dosage: one tablet before sleep.

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